All Spirits In Moonstone Island And Their Abilities
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All Spirits in Moonstone Island and their abilities

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Moonstone Island has eight different types of Spirits and dozens of Spirits overall, each Spirit with its own unique abilities. Let’s review all Moonstone Island Spirits and how their abilities work.

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Moonstone Island: All Spirits and their abilities

Moonstone Island is all about taming Spirits, raising them in your Spirit Barn, and using them to fight other Spirits in card battles. There’s a long list of tameable and boss Spirits ahead, so here are all the Spirits and their abilities in Moonstone Island.

All Earth Spirits

AnkyloBad Temper: Automatically gains one Rag every three turns.
BrickhouseMad House: If Tackle card is available, draw it from the draw pile at the start of each turn.
CoolslimeFree Food: Once tamed, feeding Coolslime in battle costs no Energy.
DustyLil Guy Energy: Whenever one of your attacks is blocked, gain one Energy.
FluffoxFriendly Fluff: Increases chances of successfully chatting, flirting, and joking by 5% when following you.
GemlinReliable Talent: Draw an additional attack card at the start of each turn.
HopstrawScary Straw: Increases chances of successfully fleeing battles by 10%.
LonglogLog Jog: Stamina reduced 10% slower.
MumbleweedMumble Tumble: Whenever Mumbleweed reduces an enemy to zero Armor, draw a card.
OakenBark Bash: When Oaken makes an enemy Dizzy, its Power raises by one for the rest of combat.
PappusBreeze Bender: Reduces wind resistance when flying.
PunchypotPlentiful Punches: Spawns one Uppercut in your hand at the start of each turn.
Wildwood (Boss)Darkwood Decoy: Cannot be targeted while Longlogs are on the field. Spawns two special Longlogs that prevent Wildwood from taking damage when Longlogs are alive. Once Longlogs are banished, Wildwood uses it again in two turns.
WomrLawn Mowr: Will cut down grass when walking through it.

All Water Spirits

BeabeauCool Shadoes: Earns 10% more XP on sunny days.
ClaudioRain Run: Increases your movement speed by 20% on rainy and snowy days when following you.
DroppleSalt vs Steel: Reduces an enemy’s Armor by one each round.
FishboFish Food: Heals for 10 HP when you feed a Spirit in combat.
FloteSailor’s Delight: Heals up to half of its HP on its first turn.
OctopupRegenereight: Healing pools also heal HP of Spirits equal to Stamina gain.
SandcrashleHidden Treasure: 25% chance that rocks on Water islands drop coins while following you.
SnorckoSnorkle Scout: Fish bite faster when fishing while its following you.
StarseeFriendly Face: Enemy Spirits are 20% easier to Tame.
Tidan (Boss)Flood Hand: Causes enemy to draw cards until 10 in their hand. Sets all cards to retain.
TorbleTough Tortoise: The first time its health falls below 50%, automatically apply five regen.

All Poison Spirits

BirdbrainBird Bane: Applies Poison equal to its POwer to itself at the start of its turn. On its third turn, applies all its Poison to a random enemy.
EmoshroomShroom Shrink: Reduces Poison to zero when three or less Poison is applied to it.
MarshaBenevolent Bane: Apply an additional one Posion to all enemies whenever you apply Poison.
RadladRad Dish: Converts Stamina loss from eating crops into Stamina gain.
RibbiteBouncing Bane: Whenever an enemy dies, transfer any Poison it has to a random enemy.
Snapdragon (Boss)Poison Aura: Makes enemy Spirits vulnerable to Poison.
SnaplantPotent Poison: Apply one Poison to a random enemy Spirit when at full health.
TaddleSwamp Skin: Applies one Poison to all enemies each time its Armor is reduced.
ToxitoeSock Song: While following you, Spirit allows the warp whistle to be used a second time per day.
TrunkleFungal Fumes: At the start of its first turn, automatically apply three Poison to all enemies.

All Electric Spirits

ArmbotLong Arms: Increases item pickup range by two tiles.
BarkbyteDig Dog: Allows you to find a second mine on each island while following you.
BreadmausBurnt Toast: At the start of its third turn, gains Charge equal to the number of Charge cards that have been Exhausted.
BulbotTotally Lit: Illuminates dark rooms in dungeons.
BurgloonSpirit Spoils: Receive coins equal to combined enemy level whenever you win a battle.
CapacibeeRecharge: The first time it falls to zero HP, its HP is restored to 10.
CumuloBreaker: At the start of your first turn, remove one Armor from all enemies.
KiwiwattFrizzy Friend: Creates a Charge card every round and adds it to your hand, unless your hand is full.
SnohmTake Thisss: Applies one Charge to itself at the beginning of each round.
Sparking (Boss)Energy Surge: Increases the cost of a random enemy card by one every three seconds.
SparkyOverload: Sets a random enemy’s card to Exhaust.

All Fire Spirits

BonefireCombustion Engine: If an enemy is banished from Burn, start your next turn with one extra Energy.
CarkeyFire Foot: While following you, your walking speed increases by 1% every second up to 20%. Resets when you stop walking.
FlamaneLucky Light: Sometimes turns fire hazard damage into Stamina gain.
FlambitHot in Here: At the start of each of your turns apply one Burn to each enemy.
LucernaRekindle: At the end of combat, restores 50% of HP lost.
PrikliNeedler: At the start of combat it applies Sharp equal to its Power to itself.
SheempHot to Touch: Any time it takes Fire damage, it applies Burn equal to its Power to a random enemy.
SinjinBurn Bright: Increases either Power or Speed by one and lose three HP each turn.
SpyrelingSlay with Fire: When it makes a Spirit Dizzy, applies one Rage to itself and Burn equal to its Power to the Dizzy Spirit.

All Ice Spirits

BandicleIce Gold: Earn more coins from battles.
BonguinFrost Layer: If Bonguin isn’t Dizzy, its Armor increases by one up to its maximum every turn.
EyeseeDouble Scoop: Draw two additional cards from its deck at the start of combat.
HonkshooCatchin Z’s: When following you, it has a chance to gain a level when you go to bed before midnight.
HyggeGift Giver: When in your party, banished Spirits in battle still gain XP.
SorbatonShaved Ice: At the start of combat apply one Freeze to all enemies.
WhistlerFresh Pow: On snowy days, Spirits gain 20% more XP from battles.
YeetiSnowball: Any Sharp applied to this Spirit is doubled.

All Psychic Spirits

BeardiniDisappearing Act: When its Armor is reduced to zero, automatically applies one Intangible to itself.
LookachooSneezy Breezy: Draw one card and gain one Energy whenever an enemy is banished.
LoonylidKindred Spirits: Reduces Magic Man’s shop prices by 20%.
MagicatMagic Wand: Upgrades one random card in your hand every time.
MinootShuffle Time: Every time you shuffle your discard pile into your draw pile, gain one Energy.
MystislimeSlime Skill: Any time you play five skills in one turn, gain one Energy.
PoshoBecome Ethereal: Every three turns it applies one Intangible to itself.
RablitLamp Light: Moonstone glows brighter.
TaroTranquil Trot: While following you, wild Spirits are 50% less likely to detect you.

All Dark Spirits

ArkeyaEldritch Toll: Subtract 10% of HP from all enemies at the start of its first turn.
CatsketRaise Dead: Steal up to 10 HP from each enemy when you banish a Spirit.
DarkoffeeCaffeine Kick: Gain 30 Stamina at the end of combat.
EvileyeUnwelcome Presence: Spirits spawn more frequently.
KaryoteDark Blessing: Draw one additional card at the start of your first turn.
PuppoxEerie Jig: Completely removes one random condition at the start of its turn.
WolfbaneDeath Grip: Retain any of its cards drawn at the start of battle.

Apart from taming Spirits and using them in battle, Moonstone Island also features romance with the NPC villagers.

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