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Teamfight Tactics has received its seventh set, which released on the PBE on May 24. The official set is also launching soon on June 8, and features a new theme set to ‘dragons in the world of Runeterra.’ To get ahead of the game and make sure you climb the ladder before the game releases in a couple of weeks, study up on the new TFT Champions coming to Set 7 here.

The seventh set brings an incredibly unique roster of Champions, which include “Dragon” Champions. These Champions take up two slots and cost double the gold of a usual Champion, but in return, will possess great power and strength for your team. You’ll also be able to take advantage of units like Zoe, Yasuo, and Soraka, three 5-cost units that are sure to add a burst of power to your team.


Note: Teamfight Tactics units are frequently updated and changed from patch to patch. This article will be updated as each patch hits, changing the numbers and potentially abilities, so check this post regularly to stay completely up to date on the Champions’ stats and abilities. Data is provided by Riot Games and will be updated live.

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