All Valorant Twitch streams can now drop beta access

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Valorant Product Manager Anna Donlon and Design Director Joe Ziegler are quickly becoming the voices of Riot Games’ new hero shooter. The two have kept beta players and hopeful viewers up-to-date with all the game’s developments. Now, they’re back with the latest Valorant closed beta update, which reveals that all Twitch streams playing Valorant can now drop closed beta access.

Before you get too excited, this doesn’t mean that the number of drops going out has increased. All it means is that there are now more sources for you to get drops from. If your preferred streamers didn’t have drops enabled before, you would have needed to watch others for a chance at access. Now, you can watch whoever you like. Even DrDisrespect can put “drops enabled” in his Twitch stream title now. If you are a Valorant streamer, make sure you have drops enabled on Twitch.

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The announcement also reminds viewers that drops happen 24 hours a day, and you don’t need to be online to receive one. If you’re logged off, it will be waiting for you when you come online again. Make sure to check out the exact mechanics of how Valorant‘s Twitch closed beta access drops work.

Coming to a region near you

Donlon and Ziegler also revealed some big news for a few regions currently excluded from the closed beta. The Valorant team has set their sights on including Brazil, Latin American, and Korea soon. However, the pair couldn’t give specific dates. They plead with players desperate to try out the game to be patient and stress that the team is working as fast as possible.

Valorant Closed Beta Begins

More Valorant closed beta details

The duo wrapped up the announcement by running through a few things that have happened in the closed beta so far. The first is that the server load has been increased by 25% to meet the demand from players. Riot will continue to ramp this up even further.

There was also a wonderful gesture from the Valorant team to the most engaged viewers. The team handpicked a few thousand of these viewers on Twitch and manually gave them beta access.

The final point in the announcement serves as a warning to people selling Valorant closed beta accounts. Many have already been tracked down and banned. Don’t be naughty. Just be cool. Your time will come.

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