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All Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) English voice actors

Makima, Demo from Demon Slayer, and Princess Daisy all fighting together.

Zenless Zone Zero is the next gacha game to hit phones and computers from famous developer miHoYo, the creators of Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, and more. As such, the voices of some of these characters might be well known to the community. So let’s investigate these actors and look at all Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) English voice actors.

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Zenless Zone Zero — All English voice actors

All Zenless Zone Zero English Voice Actors Combat
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During your time playing ZZZ and saving the citizens of New Eridu, you’re going to hear a lot of voice lines. The Agents you play all have their own voice actors who spent countless hours screaming, shouting, and crying for our enjoyment. Since the game is a high-profile title, you might recognize some of the voices.

The voice actors may have contributed their performances to your favorite video games, anime, or live-action movies. We have compiled a list of all known English voice actors in ZZZ, and we will touch on some of their notable works after the list. Take a look at all the English voice actors we know of in Zenless Zone Zero:

  • Wise — Stephen Fu
  • Belle — Courtney Steele
  • Ellen Joe — Giselle Fernandez
  • Zhu Yuan — Alaina Wis
  • Lucy — Courtney Lin
  • Dan — Noah Harris
  • Lycaon — Nicholas Thurkettle
  • Piper — Suzie Yeung
  • Anby — Sam Slade
  • Seth Lowell — Nazeeh Tarsha
  • Billy — Michael Schwalbe (Pre-Release & Promo)

All Zenless Zone Zero English actors other roles, explained

All Zenless Zone Zero English Voice Actors Wise
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A lot of these voices might sound familiar to you as soon as you start playing. I for one, immediately noticed the actor for the protagonist Wise (played by Stephen Fu) also voiced the upper demon Doma. He has voiced many other anime characters, as well as taking part in certain video games like Starfield and Street Fighter 6.

Speaking of video games, Giselle Fernandez, the voice of Ellen Joe, is also the new voice of Princess Daisy, lending their voice to Super Mario Bros. Wonder and being the voice of Aloy in Genshin Impact. They are one of a few other voice actors in the mix who lent their voice to other miHoYo games, such as Suzie Yeung, Sam Slade, Courtney Lin, and Courtney Steele.

Suzie Yeung should be a very memorable voice for certain fans out there, as she is the voice of absolute powerhouse characters like Makima in Chainsaw Man, Yuffie in FF7R, and Fukka Yamagishi in Persona 3 Reload. Of course, Genshin players know her as the voice of Eula.

All Zenless Zone Zero English Voice Actors Piper
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Sam Slade is Topaz and Numby in Honkai: Star Rail, along with lending their voice to additional characters throughout Genshin.

As we stated earlier, some of these voice actors have even appeared in live-action productions, and you can look no further than the voice of Zhu Yuan, Alaina Wis. Wis was featured on an episode of the TV show Chicago Med, but of course has her fair share of video game credits. She’s shown up in games ranging from indie titles like Oxenfree 2, all the way to the crime-filled streets of Payday 2.

As far as other actors who have lent their appearance to acting as well as their voice, we can turn to the voice of Lycaon, Nicholas Thurkettle. He is an actor, writer, and director, and has starred in movies such as Ghost Webcam (2023), Toby’s Big Adventure, and appeared in an episode of Wild West Chronicles.

Now that you know the voices of these stellar characters, it’s time to start your journey in ZZZ and choose between Belle or Wise.

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