April 6th, 2017

Allods Online: Revelations Of Gipat Expansion Announced

gPotato has released details of Volume One: Revelations of Gipat, the first expansion for its MMO, Allods Online.
Volume One introduces over 100 hours of gameplay, a level cap increase, a large new Allod (Gipat), mounts and new quests.
For the first time, characters level 12 and above will be able to ride mounts. Depending on your faction, you’ll have access to either the Kanian Steed or the Xadaganian Horse. There’s also a rare mount, the Whitemane, up for grabs. The level cap of 40 has been raised to 42, along with the professions level cap. Finally, Gipad, the new new zone, brings around 150 new missions for players to complete.
Visit the official site for more info.