April 6th, 2017

Allods Online Undaunted expansion dated

More content coming to the free to play MMO next month.
Allods Online’s next update called Undaunted is set to go live on 11 October. As previously reported, this latest update will include updates for both high and low level players to improve the game’s leveling curve which will include a new zone for end-game players, Kingdom of Elements, which picks up where the Cave of Tka Rik left off.
Further details of the high level content have emerged this morning with for the  open-world PvP zone called Kingdom of elements which is the level 46+ zone. Loot drops will include the Symbols of Glory giving XP to the winner’s guild and War Banners allowing the player to attack anyone in the opposite faction, even if their PvP flag is set to ‘off’.
The Mausoleum of Sparks instance will also prove a tough challenge according to the developers with waves upon waves of mobs and ten bosses to defeat. The instance will also only open three times a week.
Until the update releases, here’s a few new shots from the update to keep you busy.

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