Alpha Protocol: The Espionage RPG is now available for pre-order on Steam and contains a completely free bonus game.Gamers wishing to purchase the only espionage RPG that contains “Espionage RPG” in the subtitle on PC before its release in October might want to have a look at Steam, as pre-ordering there for the price of £24.99 GBP will immediately net you a free copy of Space Siege, another Sega-published RPG worth £14.99 GBP.Alpha Protocol puts players in the manly boots of Michael Thorton, who is out to stop an “impending international catastrophe.” You’ll be able to play how you want to, with the ability to act out some suave James Bond fantasies, or sneak about like Sam Fisher, or go all Jack Bauer and kill every terrorist you see. Different approaches will be preferred by different supporting characters who will help you/try to kill you in different ways, with some offering weapons while others grant information. It’s all very different.Check out our exclusive IGTV interview for more, or have a look at a recent developer diary for some behind-the-scenes goodness.

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