June 22nd, 2017

Always Sometimes Monsters always sometimes has screens and details

Always Sometimes Monster - 3

Devolver Digital and Vagabond Dog have revealed the excellently named Always Sometimes Monsters.

Always Sometimes Monsters is “an unconventional RPG about life, love, and the lengths that we will go to find happiness in both.” You play the role of a character “out of luck, out of money, and on the verge of collapse after learning their beloved is set to marry someone else.”

You can choose from characters of different genders, races, and sexual orientations, and you try to help them overcome the challenges in their path by making all sorts of ethical and moral decisions. Deal with prejudice, work honestly or lie to make a little more money, start and end relationships as you so choose, etc. It sounds rather harrowing, but I admit to being highly intrigued by a game that looks at how desperation can affect personal morality.

Always Sometimes Monsters is due out in spring 2014. Four screenshots are below.

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