We’re set to see some big news from LucasArts later today, according to an official Twitter feed.Kotaku spotted the Tweets on the LucasArts Games Twitter page, which variously promise “Amazing news coming Monday! Super excited! You have no idea how tough it is not to start yelling about it! But it’s secret! Until Monday!” and “awesome news for our old school fans.”Other Tweets give a little more information, such as the fact that the announcement is “Not a new IP, but a treat for our old school fans,” and that “someone guessed it dead on.” The latter, at least, isn’t much help, being that pretty much everything from Full Throttle 2 to PHM Pegasus 2 have been guessed.We’ll let you know when the announcement is made public, which we suspect will be early in the day, US time. What do you think? A sequel to Outlaws, considering the resurgence in Western games recently? Is a new Battlefront game not oldschool enough? Could it be another remake/sequel to a classic adventure series? Get guessing.

Paul Younger
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