The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I know this is a rubbish image, but I had to crop it out of a pdf.

Optimistically named film tie-in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is coming to pretty much every platform in the land, so that includes the PC as well. Tim described his experience with the first game as “feeling vaguely ripped off” (even at a £10.00 sale price,) so the groundwork is there for this sequel to do everything right and wow us with just how tremendous it is. Maybe.

A ‘reveal trailer’ swung into view at the end of January, but I’m sure what people really care about is what outfits you can dress Spider-Man up in. Well, if you pre-order from GAME and only GAME (in the UK at least, the US probably has this deal in different stores) you get a Web Threads Suit Pack. I’m not suggesting you take that course of action, I’m just saying it’s an option. The same pack will almost certainly be sold separately after release.

In it, you get the Iron Spider Suit (where he looks like Iron Man, kind of,) the Black Suit (where he looks like Venom,) the Cosmic Spider-Man Suit (which is sadly just blue and white rather than tie-dye) and the Noir Suit (in which Spider-Man looks like he should be flying an air-ship.)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be out on 2 April. Will it be amazing? We can but hope.

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