Amazon Game Studios had a busy time today, fully announcing one title (Breakaway) and revealing two others (Crucible and New World) which sound further off. A brief summary of each of the three titles can be read on this official page, but let’s start with Breakaway as it has the most released information and an actual announcement trailer.

All of these games are firmly directed towards streamers and streaming; understandable, when you remember that Amazon own Twitch.

With that in mind, Breakaway is going to be a “mythological sport brawler” where teams of four champions of myth and legend compete to get a ball into the other team’s goal. Locations will be right out of the mythological drawer too; places like El Dorado, and Atlantis.

Those arenas will have dynamic, summonable structures that can alter the field, and force different strategies. You can see all the revealed heroes (or champions, or whatever) to date on the Breakaway site, where you can also sign up for an Alpha. Expect plenty of streaming and spectating tools to be built into this one. Here’s the announcement trailer. A full example of a match can be viewed here.

Breakaway is being developed by Amazon Game Studios Orange County (formerly known as Double Helix, of Killer Instinct fame). It will use Amazon’s Lumberyard engine.

Crucible, meanwhile, is the long-awaited videogame adaptation of Arthur Miller’s famous play. No, I’m just fucking with you, it’s actually going to be a Hunger Games-esque third person competitive shooter. Twelve players will enter an alien planet, and only one will emerge triumphant. Thing is, the planet is hostile, and it will (temporarily) benefit players to work together.

As an added twist, a thirteenth player can act as a sort of game master while streaming the game. It’ll be up to them to create various challenges and events for the others to overcome (or murder each other over, you know). You can see Amazon’s games division talking more about Crucible here. And here’s a bit of concept art.


Finally, New World. This is planning on being a 17th Century MMO, but one set in a version of North America where the supposed supernatural events of that era are all true. It’s described as a sandbox-type MMO, where you define your own destiny to some extent. Being an explorer, farmer or soldier were all mentioned as specific options open to players. That’s about it for this one, you can watch the short segment about it here.


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