September 28th, 2018

Amazon apprently making a move to acquire Twitch


We all thought the Twitch Google acquisition was in the bag but it appears not according to reports today.

Although no official announcement had been made by Google or Twitch it was widely reported that the acquisition had gone through for $1 bn. According to a report that’s appeared on The Information, the Google deal is apparently not done and dusted as we thought.

Amazon are reportedly now making a play for Twitch and a deal could be announced “shortly”. Having already seen this language used during the Google acquisition reports, we’ll have to wait and see whether there is any truth to the story.

Twitch recently made some major changes to their streaming policies which were extremely similar to YouTube’s which indicated ¬†they were moving systems over to fall in-line with Google’s copyright policies. Perhaps these changes have been made independently to remove any concerns over copyright before an acquisition deal went through.

We’ll keep you posted on further developments when some more concrete information comes our way.

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