Amazon has just revealed that they have acquired Double Helix Games. While the financial terms have not been revealed, Double Helix has agreed to selling both their talent and IP to Amazon. Double Helix has recently seen its name gain some prominence following being hired to make new installments of Strider and Killer Instinct.

    While TechCrunch thought this is related to rumors of Amazon making a microconsole, we recently confirmed that Amazon has no such plans, partly because the business is so bad.

    It’s more likely that it is connected to the company’s efforts with Amazon Game Studios. While Amazon went on a hiring spree two years ago, undercutting competitors like Zynga for social games, they haven’t actually released that many games since.

    They also revealed that Double Helix will continue to work out of Orange County, Irvine, California. Amazon may be looking into finding a place in the competitive console gaming space. They may also want Double Helix staff to teach or work with Amazon Game Studios in some capacity. We look forward to reporting on Double Helix’s and Amazon’s plans in the future.

    Image is from Killer Instinct.

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