Ever since the release of the PlayStation 4, it has been rumoured that Sony might release a bundle that includes the new console as well as the PS Vita. Sony has never confirmed or denied these rumours but it seems that Amazon have let the cat out of the bag.

A new listing seen on Amazon France shows a bundle which includes a PlayStation 4 and the new slim PlayStation Vita. The release date is July 4th and will cost you €579.99 which is £470.81/$786.87.


The bundle is called the “Ultimate Player Edition” and has also been spotted more recently by a Twitter user named Wario64 who saw that BestBuy were also promoting a US release of this bundle which included a copy of Borderlands 2 for the Vita for $559.98.


If Sony were saving this news for E3 then it appears they’re too late.

Source: IGN

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