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Crucible is Amazon’s upcoming free-to-play, team-based, “ever-changing” shooter. Setting players loose on a planet at the edge of known space, Crucible casts players as hunters that come in all manners and sizes. It will feature three different game modes for both PvP and PvE when it launches May 20 on Steam.

To drum up even more interest in the shooter, Amazon has pushed out three videos that outline each of the game modes. If you want to know how to win, the information shared in the videos will be crucial for your time in Crucible.

Battle studies

First up is Crucible‘s Heart of the Hives. This 4v4 mode will pit one team against another while throwing in huge hive monsters. Not only do you have to contend with an opposing team, but you need to deal with the monsters as well. Only by obtaining three purple hearts from eliminating the hives can you achieve victory in this mode.

If you are up for some straightforward deathmatch action, you can jump into Crucible‘s Alpha Hunters mode. You’ll compete among eight teams of twos. The mode is unique in that it features a leveling system, allowing players to grow more powerful. And should your teammate fall, the cause is not exactly lost. You can even team up with another lone player for a temporary alliance. Just be sure that when it comes to the end, you are not the one being betrayed.

Last but not least, Crucible introduces the Harvester Command mode. In this 8v8 mode, players must race to take control of essence harvesters throughout the map. You’ll earn points by controlling more harvesters and eliminating the other team. It’s a race to 100 points if you want to taste sweet victory. Striking a balance between capturing harvesters and defending them will be key to coming out on top.

Crucible is now available for wishlisting on Steam and will launch on May 20. The game will be free-to-play.

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