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Prices from several AMD 300 series cards have started showing up online (along with a few spec details,) ahead of an expected 16 June reveal. They come the ever-popular “anonymous source,” so don’t take them as fully confirmed at this point.

These details also don’t include anything about the anticipated Fiji-powered AMD cards (the ones which will be using fancy-pants High Bandwidth Memory,) which will apparently be going by the name of ‘Fury.’ For prices, benchmarks and specs on that range of cards, we may just have to wait until 16 June.

Instead, it’s prices for the rebranded (and somewhat improved) R7 and R9 200 series cards.

The alleged prices are as follows. I’ve put some of the current equivalents alongside:

R9 390X 8GB – $389 (R9 290X 4GB)

R9 390 8GB – $329 (R9 290 4GB)

R9 380 4GB – $235

R9 380 2GB – $195 (R9 285 2GB)

R7 370 4GB – $175

R7 370 2GB – $135

That would be a slight increase in pricing from the 290 to 390, but these cards now have twice as much VRAM (and, you’d imagine, improved performance.) It’s pretty competitive for what should be a powerful 8GB card. Things like heat and power consumption, of course, are factors to consider – and those details aren’t yet available.

Those all-important independent benchmarks are still to come too.

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