The previously teased AMD Adrenalin driver release is out today, taking the software to version 17.12.1. This is one of the more significant driver updates, and adds a few features (particularly to Radeon’s ReLive video capture tools).

There’s a new Overlay feature, which can bring up a quick way to toggle existing features like ReLive, Radeon Chill, or FreeSync. In addition to that, there’s a Performance Monitor that will show system metrics in DirectX 9, 11, 12, and Vulkan applications. You can log that performance with Adrenalin too.

ReLive now supports the Vulkan API, and supports capture in Borderless Windowed mode. It also gets a ‘Gallery’ tab for management of your recorded ReLive videos, “video trimming” and ways to share on social networks.

The driver fixes in Adrenalin 17.12.1 look very promising too. They claim to have fixed the long-standing problems with Overwatch (it would crash with a “display driver lost” message), and with stuttering Netflix playback. Regarding the latter, however, some AMD users are already saying it isn’t actually fixed for them.

Here are the release notes.

Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 17.12.1 Highlights

Radeon Settings

Added new Connect tab which houses new social engagement features.
Added new Gallery tab for Radeon ReLive recording file management, video trimming, and social platform sharing functionality.
Added new Accounts tab to connect ReLive content and upload sharing to social platforms
Added new Resource Center tab highlighting informative guides and instructions for Radeon Software features.
Added new Performance Monitoring tab.
Added three UI themes for Radeon Settings customization.
Added new AMD Link tab to connect Radeon Settings to the AMD Link mobile application. For more information on AMD Link visit here.

Radeon Overlay

Added new Overlay feature (default ALT+R) allowing management of certain Radeon Settings features while in-game or on desktop such as Radeon ReLive, Radeon FreeSync, Radeon Chill, Frame Rate Target Control, Display Color, and Performance Monitoring.
Added performance monitoring overlay to display system performance metrics in DirectX® 9, 11, 12, and Vulkan™ applications.
Added performance logging feature to save performance metrics to a file.

Radeon ReLive

Further optimized for lower FPS overhead while using Radeon ReLive for recording. (RS-198)
Added support for Vulkan™ API.
Added support for Eyefinity.
Added support for borderless window region capture.
Added support for mouse button hotkeys.
Added chat and viewer count overlay for Radeon ReLive live streaming to supported platforms.
Added Chroma Key support to allow background transparency when using a webcam.
Now supports expanded social platforms.
Now supports separate microphone and audio track recording.

Radeon Chill

Radeon Chill now has expanded support for most game titles.

Enhanced Sync

Added support for all GCN-based Radeon graphics products.
Added support for Vulkan™ API.
Added support Multi-GPU configurations.
Added support for Eyefinity configurations.

Radeon WattMan

Added new profile functionality to save and load user defined Radeon WattMan profile configurations to local hard disk.

Frame Rate Target Control

Added support for Vulkan™ API.

Radeon FreeSync

Added support for HDR10 titles with Radeon FreeSync2 displays.
Added per-application Radeon FreeSync support.

Resolved Issues

OverWatch may experience a random or intermittent hang on some system configurations.
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege may experience an application hang when breaching walls with grenades or explosives.
Netflix playback in a browser or via UWP application may experience stutter.
After recording with Radeon ReLive GPU usage and clocks may remain in high states.
Assassin’s Creed: Origins may experience bright or saturated lighting in cave missions.
Mass Effect Andromeda may have issues enabling HDR10 on an HDR capable display.
Forza Horizon 3 may experience corruption on rocks or foliage during gameplay.
Halo Wars 2 may experience a crash on game launch.
Enabling HBCC on Radeon RX Vega in multi GPU system configurations may cause the secondary graphics card to be hidden in Radeon Settings until reboot.
Resizing the Radeon Settings window may cause the UI to restart or hang with HBCC enabled.

Known Issues

Upgrading Radeon Software with Radeon RX Vega series graphics products in multi GPU on X99 chipsets may cause system instability after reboot.
Radeon Settings may experience a hang when enabling AMD CrossFire with three or more graphics products.
Performance Metrics Overlay may hang if enabled when cycling display power off and on.
Trimming videos may fail to create a thumbnail if the video contains non-English characters.
3×1 display configurations may experience instability during Eyefinity creation or during gaming.
The “Reset” function in Radeon Settings for Display, ReLive, and Video may not work as intended when using Radeon Settings in certain regional languages.
Radeon WattMan may intermittently fail to load profiles for Radeon RX Vega on the global Radeon Wattman page.
Rise of the Tomb Raider™ may experience an intermittent application hang during gameplay.
A random system hang may be experienced after extended periods of use on system configurations using 12 GPU’s for compute workloads.
The GPU Workload feature may cause a system hang when switching to Compute while AMD CrossFire is enabled. A workaround is to disable AMD CrossFire before switching the toggle to Compute workloads.

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