AMD Adrenalin driver adding Radeon Super Resolution support to countless games

AMD Radeon graphics card adrenalin super resolution update

AMD officially revealed its Radeon Super Resolution upscaling technology today at CES 2022. If you caught wind of it last week when the information leaked early, you already know what this is about. In addition to FidelityFX Super Resolution, AMD will soon offer a second new upscaling technology to boost fps in games with minimal impact to image quality.

The differentiating factor? AMD Radeon Super Resolution will work in all games that support exclusive fullscreen mode. At first mention, this sounds like a huge win for AMD, however, there is a catch with this one. Unlike FidelityFX Super Resolution which works with all graphics cards, Radeon Super Resolution will only work on AMD graphics cards built on the RDNA architecture.


Nvidia users are out of luck when it comes to AMD Radeon Super Resolution, as it’s implemented on the driver level as opposed to FidelityFX Super Resolution which must be programmed into the 3D render pipeline by game developers on a per game basis. As for when we can expect the Adrenalin driver update, AMD has only shared that it will arrive sometime in Q1 of this year. That’s end of March at the latest.

Everything’s looking sharp

Without testing it for ourselves, we can only speculate on how significant Radeon Super Resolution will be. However, it operates on the same algorithm as FidelityFX Super Resolution, which we’ve been generally impressed with in Ultra Quality mode at least. According to the seemingly accurate rumors from last week, Radeon Super Resolution will not be as efficient FidelityFX Super Resolution, but the widespread compatibility seems like a fair tradeoff.

Either way, the renewed focus on 3D resolution upscaling technologies has been great news for the gaming industry over the past several years. AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution will soon be supported in over 70 games, and DLSS has an ever-growing list of supported titles now as well. In fact, Nvidia announced today that 10 more games will soon receive DLSS support too.

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