The latest incremental release in the AMD Crimson driver series, 16.1.1, is now available to download from the company’s site. As well as a few minor fixes to other games, this latest driver claims to add “Performance/Quality improvements” to the recently released Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Crossfire profiles for that game and Fallout 4 are also included in this update.

While this driver release doesn’t address any of the “downclocking” issues AMD users have been reporting with certain cards, an AMD representative posting on the relevant Reddit thread does confirm that this is a known issue internally and promises to “keep everyone updated when I get a concrete fix / ETA.”

The same poster also confirms that the problem with display drivers crashing to a black screen (and not recovering) is known and being addressed too. They have a bit of an explanation of what’s happening there, too: “Basically your screen will blank out as a result of buffer underflow which is low clock speeds against your display refresh. Additionally you may have seen flickering corruption as a result.”

Hopefully those things will be sorted out in an upcoming Crimson release (16.2, perhaps?)

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