AMD Crimson

Ahead of the Windows 10 beta for Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, AMD have released a new set of Crimson drivers (16.5.1) with some expected performance improvements. An “up to” 27% performance increase over the 16.4.2 set with a Fury X card, apparently.

It hasn’t been all that long since the last set of Crimson drivers, so it’s probably not too surprising that there aren’t really any other major highlights listed. If you’re not planning to give Forza 6: Apex a go, you can most likely stick with whatever drivers you’re currently using. Still, good work from AMD to get these out ahead of the beta release.

For those who do download Crimson 16.5.1, here are some persisting issues to be aware of:

    • A few game titles may fail to launch or crash if the AMD Gaming Evolved overlay is enabled. A temporary workaround is to disable the AMD Gaming Evolved “In Game Overlay”.
    • HDMI™ Scaling options may not be available in Radeon Settings on some system configurations or some applications may ignore the HDMI™ Scaling options setting.
    • The option to enable/disable AMD Crossfire™ technology logo may be missing on some system configurations from the Gaming, Global Options tab in Radeon Settings.
    • The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt inventory and character pages may exhibit flickering in AMD Crossfire™ technology mode.
    • Radeon Settings game manager does not display icons for Origin Games.


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