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Anyone using one of Nvidia’s 3000 Series GPUs has been able to upscale their games with DLSS. AMD users haven’t been as lucky, though. Team red’s version of DLSS, FidelityFX Super resolution, still isn’t available to anyone with an AMD GPU. Today, the prospects of that feature got even worse. Whenever it does release, FidelityFX Super resolution won’t be compatible with all games.

This news comes from 4A Games, the developers behind Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, the upcoming version of Metro Exodus designed with next-gen hardware in mind. You can’t turn Ray tracing in the game off, so it’s only playable with ray tracing-capable hardware. Currently, Nvidia dominates the list of hardware that can manage that. That won’t be changing anytime soon either. In an FAQ about Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, 4A Games responded to the question “Will you be adding in AMD Super resolution later?” The developer answered, “We will not be adding specific support for this, as it is not compatible with our rendering techniques.” The question has since been deleted from 4A Game’s FAQ, but was screenshotted by @Locuza_ on Twitter.


What does this mean for Fidelity FX Super resolution?

The wording that 4A games used in its response is particular. It points to FFXSR not being something that developers can just plug into their game and have work. Instead, it’s something that has to be considered from the start of development. To use FFXSR, some studios may even have to make changes to their own engines, just to fit AMD’s tech. That’s not exactly a good look when Nvidia’s DLSS is becoming more widely used across PC games.

Metro Exodus Pc

However, it’s important to consider that this is just one case from one developer before AMD’s FFXSR actually releases to the public. This story could very well change later in the future, when the feature is readily available to consumers and developers have more of a reason to integrate it.

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