AMD Mantle

That didn’t prove to be the case for me, but keep on dreaming big AMD.

Though access is somewhat limited at present, AMD is now providing a beta version of a Software Development Kit (SDK) for its Mantle API. That’s a lot of acronyms, so let’s also clear up that API stands for Application Programming Interface. Mantle is AMD’s own graphics alternative to Direct3D (DirectX) and OpenGL.

According to TechSpot, AMD has already had interest from more than 40 different developers. Not bad, considering the beta SDK for Mantle wasn’t even announced until today.

Since the biggest barrier to Mantle being adopted is the number of games and companies actually bothering to code for it, increasing access to the API seems like a pretty sensible move. Right now, the resource page for the beta SDK is password protected, but it does contain instructions on how to get your development studio registered for access. Being allowed in is “is subject to a selection process.”

AMD says the Mantle API has “rapidly achieved all necessary stability, performance and functionality milestones required,” which is why they’re now ready to provide an SDK to a broader swathe of studios.

Only a couple of available games make use of Mantle at present: Battlefield 4 and Thief. However, there are plans for the API to be supported in Star Citizen, Civilization: Beyond Earth and Sniper Elite 3. With a beta SDK now out there, that list may grow to include some indie studios too.

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