Both Nvidia and AMD have cited a shortage of hard disc drives as the main reason behind reduced sales numbers for their graphicas processor units. 
Hard drive shortages are being blamed on the large-scale flooding that hit Thailand, the world’s number two producer of hard drives, in July 2011. A reducedtion in the number of available hard drives has led to fewer PCs being sold, which in turn means fewer GPUs.
It’s being reported that Nvidia missed their own revenue projections by $116 million as a result of the HDD shortage. Meanwhile, rival GPU manufacturer AMD admitted that it was feeling “a little but of pressure in terms of hard disks” during an investor call.
Nvidia’s yearly financial result are due next month, but forecasts predict a total of $950 million (£610.7 million). By comparison, AMD’s results show revenue of $6.57 billion (£4.2 billion) with profits of $491 million (£316 million).
Source: The Verge

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