Probably not the news you’re hoping for if you’re one of the remaining RX Vega optimists, but AMD will not be livestreaming the launch event. This was confirmed by an official Radeon AMD account on Twitter, which added that there will be periodic tweet updates.

The RX Vega launch event is tomorrow (30 July) and, according to this schedule page, will begin at 7.30pm Pacific Time. Ordinarily you’d be able to watch it because AMD tend to stream these things (here’s their 2016 Siggraph event, for example). But not this time.

That feels like an incredibly strange move for a company about to debut a new range of GPUs, but the build-up to the RX Vega launch hasn’t really instilled confidence. Already delayed multiple times, the information available to date (which admittedly is pretty sparse) suggests the upper end of the Vega line will come in competing with the vanilla GTX 1080.

AMD have been coy about their new gaming cards, releasing little, and restricting press events to weird, detail-light, comparisons between two unlabelled systems. The Siggraph show tomorrow should finally provide more concrete details, but the company is not exactly going out of its way to shout about this launch. We’re either about to get the payoff to an astonishing GPU marketing bluff, or RX Vega just isn’t much to write home (or, indeed, livestream) about.

Update: Some slides with specs and pricing details have leaked out.

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