AMD’s FSR image upscaling tech gets an update to 2.1

Amd Fsr 2.1 Farming Simulator 22

There’s no denying that image upscaling techniques are some of the trendiest graphical features advertised in modern gaming. Since the latest technologies like DLSS and FSR are still fairly new, it’s common to hear about frequent updates that improve image quality and general performance. In that spirit, AMD has released an update for its image upscaling tech with FSR 2.1. This update reduces ghosting in several areas and improves the quality of the upscaled image. It also fixes some smaller bugs that haven’t been squashed yet.

AMD’s FSR 2.1 is shown off in the blog post with Farming Simulator 22. While this may not be the most action-packed game, it does make for a good test bed to show off the update’s improvements. The screenshot showcasing the old version of FSR has plenty of noticeable ghosting, and produces a final image of average quality. The FSR 2.1 image is much better comparatively speaking, and has less ghosting and looks clearer. This is thanks to changes with the algorithm that specifically target ghosting.


It’s a noticeable improvement, but it’s clear there’s still more that can be done to retain native resolution detail while reducing object aliasing and ghosting. We can assume AMD will continue to update and tweak FSR beyond 2.1 to further improve image quality.

It’s also worth noting that many titles have already adopted FSR 2.0 since its release earlier this year. In fact, 45 released and upcoming titles are making use of AMD’s latest image upscaling technique. These include titles like Deathloop and God of War, as well as upcoming inclusions in Cyberpunk 2077 and Lies of P.

A little more clarity with AMD’s FSR 2.1

Nvidia has proven that its DLSS tech is an excellent framerate booster in various titles. But AMD’s FSR isn’t too shabby either, sometimes providing better image quality or performance in comparison. It’s clear that DLSS and FSR are both still developing, though. From here, there are still improvements to be made with image quality and performance, while also taking into account the application of this technology in game development. So, expect to see plenty more updates to come in the future.

AMD’s FSR 2.1 update is live right now for Farming Simulator 22, and AMD states updates from 2.0 to 2.1 should be easy enough for devs to do. Be sure to check in with some of the supported titles to see if updates to FSR 2.1 arrive soon.

Amd Fsr 2.1 Games List 2.0 supported list

(Image credit: AMD).

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