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AMD’s E3 press event resulted in some details (not all the details, but some) about their Fiji-powered ‘Fury’ range of graphics cards. These are the ones which will make use of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM.)

To cut right to the chase, the liquid-cooler Fury X card will be available from 24 June at $650 USD, while the Fury (which is basically the X without the liquid-cooling, far as I can tell) will be around from 14 July at $550 USD.

That seems like pretty competitive pricing for cards which are supposed to compete with Nvidia’s 980 Ti. AMD didn’t provide any benchmarks of their own, so it’ll be up to independent review sites to provide those in due course. As it should be – corporate benchmarks are always pretty sketchy.

In addition to the pair above, AMD revealed the R9 Nano. Also based on Fiji architecture (albeit a cut-back version,) the Nano is just 15cm long, air-cooled and apparently can out-perform the R9 290X in terms of performance-per-watt. Again, what that means benchmark-wise isn’t yet clear. No price or street date on this one, yet.

A dual-GPU Fury card was talked about a little too, with an Autumn release schedule, but this card wasn’t shown or even named. More details about that one will be announced at a future date.

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