American McGee’s Alice Sequel Gets Teaser Trailer, Due 2011

A teaser trailer for the forthcoming sequel to American McGee’s Alice has launched.We heard earlier this year that a sequel to American McGee’s Alice was coming, and now we can see some of the fruits of the work for ourselves.The teaser trailer shows that Alice, presumably after the events of the first game, has started to slip back further and further into insanity – highlighted, in the end, by a visit from the Cheshire Cat.The first game was a rather freaky third-person action-platformer, which had Alice cutting playing cards to ribbons with a kitchen knife and shooting a Jabberwock with a blunderbuss, amongst other things, all while dealing with the Cheshire Cat’s sarcasm.Check out the teaser for yourself over here, and note that the end gives us an estimated date for our regression into Alice’s mind – 2011.

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