American Truck Simulator

SCS has announced the release of American Truck Simulator update 1.5 which comes with a new rescaled world.

For the past few months the development team has been working to rescale the world from 1:35 to 1:20. The 1.5 update also brings a longer day and night cycle and economy rebalancing. Watch this video which demonstrated the rescale

The full patch notes and changes are as follows:

American Truck Simulator Rescaled map main features:

  • Scale 1:35 → 1:20 – 1,75x larger map/li>
  • Hundreds of miles of new longer roads/li>
  • A new city – Santa Maria/li>
  • Completely reworked city – Oxnard/li>
  • Reworked roadsystem topology:/li>
    • New Interstate I-580 and I-80 connections /li>
    • I-5 near LA topology corrected/li>
    • I-5 Redding topology corrected/li>
    • New stretch of CA-101/li>
  • Correct interstate junctions – no more same level crossing, freeways exiting on itself, etc/li>
  • 28 reworked or new junctions – most notably – Reno, San Francisco, San Diego, L.A./li>
  • 6 new custom rest areas – truckstops/li>
  • More accurate height profiles – new steeper climbs and descends/li>
  • Famous recognizable landscape landmarks: Donner pass, Grapevine, Kumeyaay highway, Picachio peak, Humphreys peak, Cajon pass/li>

American Truck Simulator 1.5 patch notes

Main features

  • Map rebuilt in 1:20 scale
  • Upgrade Shop and Truck Browser Search Tool/li>
  • New chassis options (6×2 & 6×2 Midlift)/li>


  • Adjustable interior FOV per truck/li>
  • Weigh station UI behavior made more real/li>
  • Truck repair/refuel performed by hired driver cost money, included in logs/li>
  • Added informational dialog showing when game detects upgrade or downgrade/li>
  • Added pounds + short tonnes as weight unit option/li>
  • Add possibility to buy driver and co-driver plate in truck dealer/li>
  • Online job offer: Replaced refresh button with browse jobs/li>
  • Better trailer air pressure simulation/li>
  • Low air warning should only be active with running engine/li>
  • Parking brake mechanical safeguard on low air added/li>
  • Revised rolling resistance computations/li>
  • Hired driver use same math for eco skill as player/li>
  • Added selector modes to shift layout, correct detection of split shifts (advanced mode)/li>
  • Adaptive shifting logic improved/li>
  • Mod manager: Added link to load game screen in case game crashed and user has at least one mod activated/li>
  • Mod manager: Added possibility of setting profile by name and by user profile pointer/li>
  • Mod manager: Added dlc dependency list to mod manifest/li>
  • Prevent to AI trucks disappearing in players view/li>
  • Tweaked traffic spawn frequencies/li>


  • Changed map parameters (climate_profile, map_data)/li>
  • Moddable interior camera zoom parameters. (speed, factor)/li>
  • 1 degree rotation on Ctrl + R, 90 degree rotation on Home/li>
  • Merged editable sign and sign dialog/li>
  • Refresh sign template and its model from content browser/li>
  • Added letter-spacing to sign editor/li>
  • Store content browser navigation history/li>
  • Support for day/nigh effect switching and child hookups for lod_model_hookup_u/li>
  • Undo of veg sphere manipulation/li>
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