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Stay at the Motel or sleep in the cab? Decisions, decisions.

SCS Software’s next release will be American Truck Simulator, the Euro Truck devs just aren’t quite sure when that will be. The latest update from the development team explains that any release date for American Truck Simulator is a “moving target” at this point.

A lot, they say, “depends on our negotiations with US truck manufacturers.” SCS doesn’t want to release any version of the game (even an early one) without first securing the necessary licensing deals. Apparently they went through those problems with Euro Truck Simulator 2 and don’t intend to do so again. “Proper branding” is important for the game, and seems like it won’t be compromised upon. The result, though, is a release date that’s kind of up in the air until discussions are complete.

The complete American Truck Simulator will feature the entire continent and “100+” cities for you to truck on over to. SCS says that the team responsible for building that world has been growing, but “the more detail we put in, the longer it takes to build.” Part of that process is getting the “content creation” pipeline working smoothly enough that updates to the main game (once it’s out) can be applied with efficiency.

“You already know us, we will be trying our best not to push your patience to the limits,” the post concludes. To keep people happy for the time being, four new images of American Truck Simulator have been put up. You can take a look at those just below these words.

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