SCS Software has formally revealed the next expansion in development for American Truck Simulator, featuring the US state of Montana.

Bordering Wyoming to the south and Idaho to the east, Montana is yet another huge state that features some downright beautiful natural features.


Home of the “Big Sky”

Known as the “Big Sky State”, Montana is the fourth largest state in the entire US. But, similar to its neighbors, it doesn’t have that many humans claiming it as home; it has a population of just over one million. With such a small pool of permanent residents for its size, its rolling landscapes have the benefit of featuring a lot of unspoiled beauty. Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park are some of the state’s natural highlights, and serve as being some of the biggest draws for tourism.

Past American Truck Simulator expansions like Idaho and Wyoming featured small snippets of national parks, so no doubt Montana will do the same. The Rockies and Great Plains also continue to run through this state, so the accompanying landscape is sure to also be featured in the new expansion.

American Truck Simulator Montana Dlc Sunrise 3

SCS has already stated that Montana’s boastful amount of lakes, rugged mountain roads, and historical towns and cities will be featured in this virtual rendition of the state inĀ American Truck Simulator. As with all of its other expansion announcements, a release date (or even release target) has not yet been mentioned.

Texas was also revealed a few months back, and it was explicitly stated that it would be a while before the community would get to experience it due to its sheer size and complexity. Thus, even though it’s clearly been announced afterward, Montana is likely going to release before Texas does due to being a smaller state (though still pretty big).

American Truck Simulator just got its last big update for 2021, along with its sister sim, Euro Truck Simulator 2. The new version 1.43 update was recently released in open beta form, bringing features like ownable dump trailers, improved interior cabin soundscape, among others. It wouldn’t be surprising if its full release comes before the year wraps up.

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