Amnesia Rebirth Release Trailer

We’re just days away from Amnesia: Rebirth launching on PC and PS4, and a developer walkthrough has been posted online. The lengthy gameplay clip shows us some early sections of Rebirth, and it looks as scary as you’d imagine. Two members of the team at Frictional Games discussed what’s new for Rebirth, and why it’s a true Amnesia sequel.

The video begins with the protagonist exploring a “neighborhood that’s not the friendliest,” although we’re not sure if any Amnesia locations are friendly. From there, the developers discussed the character’s struggles with managing fear, a concept that translates to a gameplay mechanic. When playing Rebirth, you must control your character’s fear levels, and one of the best ways of doing that is to keep out of the dark.

To do this, you’ll have a limited amount of matches and a lantern at hand, although both are limited resources. The developers playing say that this time around, fear actually goes as far as affecting the overall plot. In the original, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, sanity levels affected gameplay but little else. This time around, people you care about may be in danger if you don’t manage your character’s fear.

Get to safety

Thankfully, there are safe areas that offer a bit of rest bite from the high tension levels experienced elsewhere. These are new to Amnesia: Rebirth, and I can say from experience of The Dark Descent, they’re a much welcomed addition. However, as we see in the gameplay walkthrough, even safe rooms are never far away from horrific monsters.

As the clip closes out, we see what fear can become if it gets overwhelming. The protagonist begins to struggle later on, and starts seeing flashes of a monster taking over her mind. It all looks damn scary, and Amnesia: Rebirth is looking like it’s going to prove a worthy successor to The Dark Descent.

Frictional Games Shed More Light On Amnesia: Rebirth New Fear System 2

Amnesia: Rebirth launches October 20 on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store for PC.

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