Amnesia Rebirth gameplay

As spooky season kicks into overdrive, we’re learning more and more about the year’s horror releases. Amnesia is one of top series in the genre, and it’s getting a reboot of sorts this year. It comes 10 years after the original, The Dark Descent. Amnesia: Rebirth releases this month, and developer Frictional Games has shown off a brand new trailer.

The story & environments trailer does just that, showing us details of the game’s plot and setting. The desert environments in the game are in stark contrast to the original, which was set in an ancient castle. We’re still going underground though — into some seriously scary-looking caves and tunnel networks. The plot remains ambiguous, but the protagonist commits the horror crime we know all too well. She goes underground towards the terrifying creature.

As the trailer closes out, it becomes obvious that the desert setting in Amnesia: Rebirth isn’t all as it seems. One character claims “I don’t think we’re in the desert at all,” and the scenery shifts to a more mechanical look. If Rebirth jumps between multiple locations, it could add some environmental variety as long as the scares don’t suffer as a result.

Fear the darkness

Last week, an in-depth PlayStation blog post showcased the game’s fear system. This mechanic seems essential to Amnesia: Rebirth, even if it has changed since its origins in The Dark Descent. Different light sources can now be used to repel the darkness, and they can react naturally. For instance, running while holding a lit match may extinguish it faster than expected, creating some terrifying scenarios.

Amnesia Rebirth Release Trailer

Fear ties into the returning Sanity mechanic, too. Developer Frictional Games says the Sanity feature is more reactive in Rebirth, where players can suffer more symptoms depending on their in-game actions. It doesn’t sounds like this Amnesia is any more forgiving than the original.

Amnesia: Rebirth launches for PC on October 20, via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.===-

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