Amnesia: Rebirth and Riverbond go free next week on the Epic Games Store

Amnesia Rebirth Epic Games Store Free Feature

Next week’s free games for the Epic Games Store have been revealed, and headlining the reveal is Amnesia: Rebirth, which Epic Games users will be able to pick up for free come April 21. The other free game coming to Epic is Riverbond. It’ll also be available on April 21, with both games staying free until April 28.

Rebirth is a critically acclaimed horror game that released in 2020 and was developed by Frictional Games, a studio with plenty of experience in the horror genre. The Swedish developer has also been responsible for the Penumbra series and 2015’s Soma. Amnesia: Rebirth has an impressive Metacritic score of 80 and ‘Mostly Positive’ reviews on Steam.


As for Riverbond, it is a couch co-op dungeon crawler that was released in 2019. One of its most notable characteristics is its beautifully crafted voxel world. This self-described “shoot-and-slash” game is a good option for those looking for a fun local co-op experience.

Don’t miss out

Amnesia: Rebirth and Riverbond won’t be free on the Epic Games Store for another week. Even so, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other games you won’t want to miss out on. Currently, both XCOM 2 and Insurmountable are free on the Epic Games Store.

Released back in 2016, XCOM 2 isn’t the newest game to be offered on the Epic Games Store. Regardless it is still one of the best turn-based strategy games on the market. Developer Firaxis really outdid themselves, even if the more recent 2K launcher integration has damped the experience a little. If you’re not a fan of the Epic Games Store, XCOM 2 is on sale on Steam until April 28. It can be purchased for $5.99 USD, which is 90% off.

Insurmountable is the lesser known of the two, but it’s still a fun game in its own right. It has you play as a mountaineer who is challenged to tackle some of the world’s trickiest landscapes. Thanks to its procedural generation and roguelike progression model, it offers a new experience every run.

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