Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Screens, Trailer And Demo

Frictional Games will be known to most PC owners as the chaps behind the frightening Penumbra series.
As a team, they know how to make a great horror game. Amnesia: The Dark Descent will be their latest attempt to scare the flesh right off your face and is due to be released on 8 September. If you fancy trying it out first, there’s a demo you can grab from Steam (who are also offering 20% off the order price of $20.00 USD) here.
Amnesia casts players as Daniel, a fellow who’s having one or two mental issues. That’s kind of understandable though, because he’s trapped in a big gloomy castle full of freaky sounds and weird creatures. Daniel has no weapons to speak of, and even hiding in the dark will gradually test his sanity to breaking point. In short, Amnesia wants ramp up the tension as far as it can and make you run away. A lot.
Look tentatively downwards for some cheerful screenshots of a luxury castle getaway and a fun trailer set in some sewers.

Sewer Trailer:

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