Among Trees New IP Announced For Early Access

Among Trees New IP Announced For Early Access

A slow trickle of games has kicked off 2018’s The Game Awards. One newly announced title, Among Trees, showed off some beautifully crafted visuals set in a forest setting. As it turns out, it’s a survival game that’ll be hitting Steam Early Access in 2019.


What’s a forest without animals? Some seen in the trailer were a bear, owl, and fish. It wasn’t hard to notice the running water and weather that you will most likely encounter.

Survival Sim?

The official site for the game is currently open. You can head to the Among Trees website to see a little bit more. A few quotes on site promise a “vibrant survival sandbox adventure” taking place in the forest. You’ll have an expandable cabin, with new rooms unlocking new crafting and survival options. You’ll have to explore, scavenge for food, avoid wild beasts, and stay warm during frosty blizzards.

Among Trees will release on Early Access in 2019.


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