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Among Us was first released in 2018. However, with the sudden increase in popularity, the developers decided to cancel the sequel in order to improve the original version. One of the key elements of Among Us is bringing friends together to solve puzzles and find the impostor. When you host a game, each map has its own default settings. You may not know that there are a variety of in-game settings that you are able to control. Custom games can make Among Us more personal to the group and increase or decrease the difficulty of the match.

The host of the lobby is the player that is able to access the custom game settings. In the pre-game lobby, there is a laptop in the room. All you have to do is click on the laptop and select the game options. There are many Among Us settings that can prove to be game changing.

To begin, you are able to change the number of impostors that are in the match. Having a large group of players and a low number of impostors can make the game more challenging. Also, emergency meetings are a unique part of Among Us. Here, players can gather players for a discussion and another round can begin. However, the customization options allow you to set a time limit between these meetings, potentially allowing the impostor to cause more trouble.

Among Us custom games

Customization is your friend

As well as this, you can customize the mechanics of Among Us. You can control how fast players can move around the map. Moreover, you can set how far crewmates and impostors can see around the ship. Finally, the various tasks and puzzles can be altered to your preference. By customizing your matches, you can add a brand new twist to your Among Us matches. If the game is not challenging enough already, perhaps you may want to make your match favor the crewmates or impostors.

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