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It’s been a while since the Among Us crew gathered fans for a meeting. So, to kick off 2021, Innersloth has put together a mini roadmap and shared some more details about Among Usupcoming Airship map. The developer has also revealed the state of the accounts feature that’s in the works and given some insight into the current working situation.

The first item on the developer update list is The Henry Stickman Collection-inspired Airship map. At The Game Awards 2020, it was revealed the map would be out in early 2021. Nothing has changed there. What has changed is what you’ll be doing on this huge map. The Airship will have new tasks for crewmates to perform. You’ll also be able to choose which room you start in and perform the complex task of climbing up and down ladders. Of course, there will also be new costumes for you to sleuth and murder in.


The Among Us developer update also assured fans that the new update and map will be free. If you haven’t seen the Among Us Airship map trailer, you can check it out below.

Plotting a course for 2021

Innersloth is drawing up a roadmap for 2021. It’s not ready yet. When it does arrive, it will detail what is coming to the game this year, as well as the order in which things will be released. What it won’t provide is dates for releases. These will be provided when Innersloth is confident it can hit a deadline. I guess the team has learned from CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 debacle.

A feature that will arrive imminently is player accounts. This feature will allow for player reporting and better moderation. Down the road, additions to this feature will include things like a friends list and saved stats.

The Among Us dev log also revealed that PC players can now pick the game up through the Xbox Game Pass. You can also now grab it for PC through the Epic Games Store. Of course, Steam is still an option too.

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