Among Us Haunted Mansion Mod

The surge in popularity of Among Us has prompted the developers to add new content to the game over the past year. As a result, the murder mystery game has become even more interesting with the release of 15 player lobbies. In addition, a new map known as the Airship was added into the game. However, thanks to the hard work of an Among Us modder, the Haunted Mansion map has been created for you and your friends to enjoy.

Created by DiceFlipyt, the Haunted Mansion map is dark and spooky. The size of it is also sure to make your games more intense. The creator of the Haunted Mansion mod has showcased the map with a trailer of sorts. As you can see, the tasks that you will be familiar with remain the same, but the map is completely different. The Haunted Mansion definitely lives up to its name. There are a total of 19 rooms on the map for you to visit and complete your tasks in. This includes more traditional rooms such as the meeting room and admin. Also, there is a pool, a laundry room, two bedrooms, and more. Once you get used to the layout, it will become much easier for you to navigate.


How long will you survive in the Haunted Mansion?

As the release of new maps is not common, the Among Us Haunted Mansion mod is likely to become hugely popular. The new environment is sure to make your games more interesting, regardless of if you are playing as a crewmate or impostor. Past mods have mainly focused on providing new roles for players to take on. This includes the Love Couple mod, which tasks players with staying alive together. Hopefully more maps will be made available in the future as the game continues to develop.

Among Us Haunted Mansion Map

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