Among Us patch Kills Bugs And Nixes Exploits Before New Map Arrival (2)

With everyone stuck at home more often than not these days, it has become increasingly important to find things a group of people can do together online. Be it just hanging out in Discord or enjoying some adventuring in an MMORPG, there are now more options for the world to gather in to do things together. Of course, while getting together is great, you can always engage in subterfuge and sabotage by partaking in a game of Among Us as a second option. The resurgence of the multiplayer game has bolstered the player base as well as the developers, Innersloth. The meteoric rise of the game bodes well moving forward, and we now have the latest Among Us patch to keep things going smooth.

Following the recent map tease via Twitter, the new patch will help prepare players before the new playground drops. There are some balance changes as well as bug fixes to help improve your overall experience.

The Among Us patch now makes the comms sabotage a more potent weapon for the impostors. Not only does it hide task arrows, but the red light also no longer responds immediately to the correct position. This change will allow the impostors to wreak more havoc in any given round. Players will have to think even more quickly on their feet to get out of predicaments.

Plugging holes

The Among Us patch also squashes plenty of bugs. For the Polus map, the inaccurate admin table and the temperature mini-game have been fixed. Polus panels are also no longer reachable through walls. Those who observe via security cams will also no longer have camera flinging. Both the solo-complete reactor/seismic and align engine exploits have also been fixed.

Among Us patch Kills Bugs And Nixes Exploits Before New Map Arrival (1)

We can expect more coming for the game in the coming map. With The Game Awards 2020 happening this December, it seems like a perfect place for Among Us to make yet another splash.

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