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2020 may have been a year of great success for Among Us, but the team at Innersloth is not taking it for granted. The development team is staffing up in order to make the hit social deduction game even better, and the latest feature added to the game is a great start. Among Us now has a Quickchat function, which should make it easier for players suing text chat.

The announcement was made via a tweet, and shows off the options available to players. There are seven options in total. These include accusation, crew, systems, location, statements, question, and response. Basically, you have all the likely responses you need when it comes to meetings. Sadly, there is no sus button just yet.


The Quickchat function should come in real handy for Among Us players not using voice chat through Discord or Zoom. The previous in-game chat system remains a mess, and can be a tad inaccessible for certain players. Now, you can easily choose your responses and make your opinions heard instead of typing away as the timer runs down.

Among Us Now Features Quickchat As Innersloth Continues Development (1)

More to come

That said, the addition of Quickchat to Among Us is but the beginning. Innersloth emphasized that this update is part of something bigger that will eventually arrive in the future. More information will likely flow out in the next couple of months.

Innersloth has previously shared the challenges the team is facing when it comes to updates and patches. Dealing with the breakout success of the game with just a small team proved a tough task. With more team members now coming on board, things will hopefully be smoother moving forward.

As for the game itself, players can expect an account system, friendships to be a thing, and stat tracking in the future. There will also be a new map added to Among Us, just to keep us guessing even more.

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