Inscryption Kaycee's Mod

My favorite part of Inscryption was the beginning of the game, where you end up trapped in Leshy’s Cabin, forced to play a card game where you and your opponents get progressively stronger. The increasing power levels are my favorite part in any roguelite, like all the broken item combinations in The Binding of Isaac, or simply creating a megadeath card in this game. But once you clear that part of the game, Inscryption evolves into something odd and uncontrollable. Something that I didn’t particularly enjoy as much. But now, a solution is here, in the form of Inscryption: Kaycee’s Mod.

Fortunately for players like me, who may have been turned off by some of the gameplay, developer of the game Daniel Mullins has our back in yet another twist of fate. Mullins has created Inscryption: Kaycee’s Mod, which is a mini-expansion for the game that makes Leshy’s Cabin “an endless, increasingly challenging, roguelite.” For what was my favorite part of the game (and presumably for many others), this expansion was tailor-made.


Endless card action

Judging by many of the fan reactions to this announcement, it appears that others were asking for the same thing. More of the fun roguelite we got at the beginning! And now, Inscryption: Kaycee’s Mod is fully playable, although still in beta form. To access this expansion, right-click Inscryption in Steam, select “Properties,” and find the beta tab. Then enter the code “givemeascensionmode,” access the beta build, and press Shift+K+M on your keyboard to unlock Kaycee’s Mod.

As the beta for this mode progresses, you can expect some balance changes, a couple of new cards and enemies, and a new final challenge. I truly did enjoy my time with Inscryption, and if anything, this is a great way to get players like me back into the odd, twisted world of this game.

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