The house that owns Playstation is facing new pressure on the stock market end.

Several analysts are renewing their call for Sony to break up their divisions, stating that it’s been long overdue. In fact, analyst Chris Konstantinos proposes that Sony bring together their high revenue divisions, which he says includes Playstation, into one business, and TV and other commoditized operations, into a ‘cash cow’ business, which relied on dividends and buybacks.

Most analysts agree that Sony has dipped its toes into businesses that have nothing to do with each other. There has also always been a growing sense of impatience and frustration with the company’s actions, which were definitely exacerbated when Dan Loeb, who failed to convince Sony to spinoff their entertainment division, sold most but 1 % of Third Point’s shares in the company. Loeb declined to comment on this story.

Sony had this response to make regarding their plans for the future:

Sony is focused on creating shareholder value by executing on our plan to revitalize and grow the electronics business, while further strengthening the entertainment and financial service businesses.

It’s worth noting that not all analysts agree with the breakup, and many acknowledge Sony’s attempts to turn things around, but the changes simply aren’t happening quickly enough. CEO Kaz Hirai has gone on record that he would not rule out divestiture of the company, and Playstation may be coming along for that ride soon enough.

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