Anno 1800: Botanica DLC is now ripe for the picking

Anno 1800 Botanica Ubisoft

The newest DLC for Ubisoft’s Anno 1800, Botanica, has come into full bloom on PC. The content pack adds a few new buildings and a ton of decorations to turn your empire into the best place to live and a gorgeous tourist trap. Alongside the Botanica DLC, all Anno 1800 players will be getting an update that adds in a day-and-night cycle to the game at no cost.

The prominent new feature of Botanica is its beautiful new Botanical Garden building, which attracts tourists to your settlements to view displays of flowers from all over the world strung together with luscious green walkways. There are 59 new decorative plant items that can be used with the Botanical Gardens. The DLC adds 21 new botanical modules as well as the greenhouse module. There are also 11 new ornaments that you can use to decorate other cultural buildings with (such as flowerbeds and topiaries).

Anno is also adding in a new Music Pavilion with Botanica that will host a band who plays five songs from previous Anno games.

Anno 1800 Botanica Dlc Ubisoft

Anno 1800 entrepreneurs can now pick up Botanica for $7.99 on PC. All the new buildings and features will be accessible after reaching Civilization Level 4. If you plan on downloading this new content pack, be sure to also head over to the Ubisoft Club and spend some of your accumulated points on the new rewards exclusive to Botanica. These include the Duck Pond, an Outdoor Arcade, and some stone flower pots that you can use to beautify your city.

Botanica is the second DLC pack in Anno‘s Season Pass, following the Sunken Treasures expansion. The game’s third DLC, The Passage, will let players explore the Article Circle and set up an outpost to produce brand new goods unique to the freezing region. The release date for Anno 1800‘s next expansion is still unknown, but one thing is for certain: It’s going to be a chilling experience.