Blue Byte, Related Designs and Ubisoft (yep, they’re all working on this in some capacity) have issued a two mission demo for Anno 2070. They’re said to be the first two campaign missions in this semi follow-up to Anno 1404 (where that title was set in, well, 1404, this one is near-future).
The near future, as it turns out, is rather damp. Global warming has melted the ice caps (or something) and raised the sea-levels to the point where everybody walks around with permanantly damp socks. Two factions will be playable in Anno 2070, the sandal-wearing hippies who all read The Guardian and the moustache-twirling capitalists who fuel their machines with dead babies. I may be stereotyping a little there, but you get the idea.
Grab the demo from the source link below, and see if you can turn this crazy planet around. The full game is released for PC on 17 November.
You could also watch the following trailer. If you fancy.

Paul Younger
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