Recently yet another rumor for Half-Life 3  has been making its way around the net. The rumor which stemmed from a post on the Left 4 Dead blog, was more elaborate than the average rumor though. The post from the blog said:

“Today, Team Fortress 2 is adding co-op and robots to their game! There is only one problem – don’t worry, robots are just the zombies of the future that’s not the problem – the problem is this is 6 player co-op not 4. So you’re gonna need to find a few new friends, a younger brother, your mom, someone, anyone to join you and your three friend to fight the lethal horde of robots.

And don’t forget Team Fortress is free, so when you invite your new found friends to the game – tell ‘em you bought it for them and it set you back $50. It’s your early birthday gift to your 4th and 5th favorite people in the world…

Visit for more information.”

Of course it’s not a good idea to sign into Steam through the link, since it’s fake. But this elaborate rumor runs much deeper.

Before the URL became inactive, it used to link to what appeared to be the community page of a Valve employee who was working on Half-Life 3 in some form, claiming to have clocked a large amount of hours in Half-Life 3 over the past fortnight.

As many suspected, this was a fake too. But how exactly did this happen? Well as it turns out the 6 in the URL is apparently a typo, which then lead to someone creating an elaborate rumor around it. However the situation is rather questionable.

I don’t doubt that there are eager fans out there who would jump at the opportunity to turn it into a rumor, but even the situation of the typo is rather unlikely, especially considering the distance between ‘o’ and ‘6’ on a keyboard.

The question of course is did Valve plan the ruse themselves? As time goes on I have noticed that these rumors seem to be closer and closer to the source each time. With Valve though, that could mean were only 20 years away from the launch of Half-Life 3.


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