Another World Creator Collaborating On Project Dust

Those who watched Ubisoft’s E3 event may be forgiven for thinking it was all about Joel McHale looking uncomfortable and going off-script, bizarre attempts to bring back laser tag in 2010, calming stress-relief breathing exercises and another batch of Kinetic titles that you won’t buy.But no! Amidst all of that was some pretty but not-very-enlightening footage of a game called Project Dust. As you’ll see in the trailer, it looks, if anything, sort of like Populous.None of that is the interesting part, however. The interesting part is that Project Dust is being made “in collaboration” with Eric Chahi, and he is the person behind Another World (or Out Of This World, for US readers.)Aside from a terrible design decision that made players endlessly replay certain segments (but hey, it was 1991), Another World was a fine game. This makes Project Dust something worth watching – even if, as yet, there doesn’t seem to be much to go on.

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