Anthem alpha

Electronic Arts showed us a new trailer for Anthem at The Game Awards 2018. While previous trailers focused mostly on gameplay, this trailer instead laid the foundation for what the story of Anthem will be. Until now developer BioWare, makers of narrative-driven games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, have been quite cagey with any story details. Today, with this new trailer, some light has finally been shed on the mystery.

Not An Anthem You Want To Sing

The Freelancers are the protagonists of Anthem, who have carved out a life despite the constant assault from the Anthem. This is an energy that flows throughout the entire world and is powerful enough to topple entire civilizations, especially in the wrong hands. The Freelancers have constructed enormous walls and depend on their mechanized armor to defend themselves against the chaos.

We finally also got a glimpse at the game’s main antagonist. Named The Monitor, he has gained control of the world’s chaotic energy and seems intent on destroying the Freelancers’ way of life.

Anthem is slated for release on February 22nd, 2019. It will be interesting to see how successful BioWare is in integrating an engaging narrative into a looter-shooter style game.

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