Below is an interview with Age of Conan game designer, Carola Berens, on the new upcoming dungeon, The Iron Tower.What is the Iron Tower and where can players find it?Robert E. Howard describes the Iron Tower as an old citadel in the center of Tarantia which rises over the streets of the Common District and can be seen from far away. Its true purpose had been forgotten centuries ago but Conan gave it a new meaning as a prison for the scum of Aquilonia.What level range is intended for this dungeon, and is it group or solo?The instance is a level 78-80 dungeon for a group of six players.Can you tell us a bit about the background story for this dungeon?The background story for the Iron Tower is deeply involved with the ongoing conflict in the common district. Anoki, the leader of the Daughters, has gathered her officers and invaded the tower. Her reasons are yet unknown, but word on the street has it that she is trying to free a specific prisoner. She has successfully bribed the tower’s guards and many captives stand by her side in exchange for their freedom. There is only one obstacle that she hasn’t overcome yet. A priest of Mitra named Desumo had himself imprisoned voluntarily. He made it his one task in life to prevent anyone from getting close to this prisoner. He converted many of the detained criminals to follow the ways of Mitra and support his cause. Now, his cult is all that stands between Anoki and her goal. But which one is in the right and which one is in the wrong? That’s for the player to find out.What sort of encounters can the player expect?We tried to offer a good variety of ways to master the bosses in this dungeon. Some are optional, others are not. Let’s take the Executioner for example. You wouldn’t want to get on his bad side. I know, that’s a given, but I mean even more so than usual: He has the ability to force people into torture. If he manages to get into your mind, you will have to rely on your friends to save you in time before you crack and spill the beans (and your guts). Of course you will also encounter the main characters in the storyline. Charming Anoki and her officers have a very special bound that reaches beyond death, and you mustn’t underestimate Desumo and the special wards he has installed against intruders. Obviously, a prison isn’t the safest place to begin with, so you might stumble across some more violent delinquents as you explore the premises.We’re guessing it will have tons of loot and rewards, can you give us an example?Most of the Iron Tower boss loot will have brand-new and unique visuals that are distinguishable from what we have in the game at the moment. In terms of quality it will be on the upper end of our dungeon loot tier. In addition, the players will have a chance to get their hands on epic quality accessories from the last bosses. Going into too much detail here would spoil the fun, but let me assure you that there will be something for everyone.What’s your favorite aspect of the new dungeon?I like the range of activities the Iron Tower has to offer. Yes, you can go in just for a regular run, do some quests, and kill some bosses. But the instance offers more than just that. Most of it is hidden, but for players who like a challenge let it be said that crafting and small puzzles, alternative ways to fight bosses and hidden drops can be found all over the instance if you look for them. And although Iron Tower concludes the Tarantia Common storyline, it is only just the beginning.

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