Aoc G2 Monitor

It’s surprising to see what a new monitor will do for your PC gaming experience. I had recently upgraded from two smaller, dual monitors to a larger 144 Hz monitor with FreeSync. While it’s not the larger 34″ that AOC is boasting with its new line, it was definitely a visible difference. The latest line from AOC promises an “ultra immersion” experience with two additions to its G2 Esports signature line.

It’s a game of inches… and refresh rates

There’s only so much real-estate on your desk’s flat surface. However, it looks like AOC is wanting a decent portion of that for its two new monitor editions. Both chime in at 34″ (86.3 cm) and feature refresh rates that are above 100 Hz. The model CU34G2X has a 144 Hz refresh rate, while the CU34G2 has a 100 Hz refresh rate.

If you’re worried about resolution, both boast a 3440 x 1440 display and are considered Ultra-Wide Quad HD monitors, leaving them with a 21:9 aspect ratio. Another thing to note: each features AMD’s FreeSync technology. For those unfamiliar, this technology syncs the refresh rate of your monitor with the framerate, allowing for a drastic reduction in screen tearing and better visual performance. Each model also features a “1 ms response time (MPRT) [that] ensures smooth gameplay without motion blur.”

Showing off the curves

Each SKU is the same size in both resolution and panel size. However, it should also be noted that both offer a curved display experience (1500R). By industry standards, this is classified as an “aggressive” curved display.

Aoc G2 Monitor Back

The new AOC G2 Esports line of monitors is currently not available for purchase until January 2020. This announcement is rather surprising, especially considering that the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) is generally reserved for hardware companies to make announcements on upcoming product lines and reveals. The AOC CU34G2 model has an MSRP of €469 while the CU34G2X will have a €579 price point.

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