Read the background to the upcoming seasonal event about to hit Age of Conan: The Nights of the Lost Souls.The Story

As the day slowly but inevitably gives way to the longer nights as the year wanes, there is a time when the thin veil between the night as we know it and the true darkness of the worlds beyond the realm of mortal men is pulled back.

The many cultures of Hyboria sport their own proud traditions, and yet they share striking similarities in the folklore regarding the falling season. These tales are rife with rumors of restless souls that have long passed from their mortal coils, and warnings of the season when cadavers dance with savage hungers and dark desires. These stories are oft dismissed as tales of yore, myth or fancy for fear that they might actually be true. Those well journeyed in the lands of Hyboria however know differently, very differently.

Those like you who have faced the dangers of the undead before, and know they exist. Those who have faced the undead on the field of battle know better. And as the foolish scribes and boisterous entertainers tell their ghost stories by the tavern fireplace, men who consider themselves brave laugh, for it is easy to laugh with a mug of ale and a warm hearth to ward off the chill night…those that know the truth greet such ‘bravery’ with a wry and knowing smile. Still though, the days and nights that approach at this time of year draw many a cautionary breath from even the most hardened of travelers.

The nights of the lost souls are upon us, and those who choose to brave them, may find themselves face to face with those tortured souls of warriors past.


With two brand new solo quests, and an additional team quest, players will have to track down and defeat three Lost Souls. The quests will take you to places you thought you knew, but this time of year casts a shadow over things you once found familiar.
With fun and fantastic seasonal items to acquire, those that seek out the Lost Souls will find themselves facing the true dangers that lurk just beyond firelight.

Of course, there are plenty of rewards as well. How about the Fermented Brain Juice that causes you to vomit and become drunk, or the Void Essence that changes your skin? Here is a selection of the great, new items you can collect from these autumn quests!
 Soul Devourer (demonic social pet)Helm of Dark Vigilance (social armor)Unholy Backscratcher (social weapon)
There is a known haunting in Old Tarantia, for those brave enough to investigate.

Do you believe?

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